Architectectural Design
At philia,we provide exuberating architectural services to all our clients ,enabling them to utilise their CAD design abilities at a single shot. We have successfully completed various projects related to 3D CAD Models Design,3D Interior/Exterior Models Design,3D House/Floor Plan Design at surprisingly cheap costs. Our picturisation and devolopment of design are focussed in such a way as to fulfill the complete design potential attributed to a project/building. Our designs are kept upto date with the latest trends in the industry with the guarantee of creative space utilisation and a vibrant energy factor.
Architectural 3D Modelling
Philia provides an elaborate range of architectural 3D modelling services for our clients to support the design,planning and visualization phase of various projects.We use the latest 3D Architectural Illustration technique to create 3D models.We provide you exactly the same resolution ,shape and sharpness you are in need of.

Architectural 3d Rendering Services
Philia is a an experienced contender when it comes to architectural 3D rendering services.Philia has in depth knowledge on different types of buildings and are experts in architectural 3D rendering services.We help our clients to create the most exuberant interiors with photorealistic 3D model architecture.

3d Floor Designs
Philia combines the technical skills of our employees with the latest and most effective 3D modelling softwares to provide the most accurate and efficient 3D Floor plans. We offer diverse 3D floor plan design services. We build the best 3D models of your property, counting every minute detail. We emphasize on building models that can look as good as the original ones.
Architectural 2D Drafting and 3D Drawings
Philia is a global service provider committed to enhancing the reputation and business outcomes of companies who outsource their projects to us. We offer a complete range of 2D drafting services that includes CAD drafting, contour mapping, construction documents, utility plans, site plans, floor plan and CAD drawing and much more.

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