Structural Design
Philia offers top quality structural engineering services that initiates the structural design and structural design analysis projects within a short span of time. Philia's extensive emphasis on the design part provide reliable and compatible designs that include structural design solutions to various clients and sectors.Our expertise in structural designing is unmatched in the industry.Our team has been part of many complicated and structurally enduring specialized projects which puts us in the limelight when it comes to Structural design services.
We cater Structural design services to the following sectors :
Institutional Buildings
Ceramic and Glass Industries
Steel Structures
Commercial Structures
Fertilizer and Textile
Electronics Technology
Agro and Pharmaceutical
LFabrication Drawings etc.
The following Structural design services are offered by us:
Load calculations
Foundation Design
Detaining wall design
Roof Structure Design
Beam and Slab Design
Column Design
Frame Design.
Our structural designs come with a moderate price tag.

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