Architectural Projects
At philia,we provide exuberating architectural services to all our clients ,enabling them to utilise their CAD .....
Electrical Service
Recently CAD Drawing has become an upcoming trend in the field

Mechanical Projects
Philia is a favoured destination for a number of mechanical design services catering to each and every customer need.
Structural Projects
Philia offers top quality structural engineering services that initiates the structural design and structural ......
Finite Element Analysis
Another unique feature of Philia ,Finite element Analysis provides all our clients.

Project Planning And Management
Philia are the best in the business when it comes to project planning
Philia offers outstanding Plant Design Management System services. .

Land Survey
Another service unique to Philia ,land surveying offers our clients a great

Philia constructs a plethora of buildings that range from small one storey homes to multi storey malls. We have highly experienced and immensely skilled workers

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