Electrical Design
Recently CAD Drawing has become an upcoming trend in the field of elctrical and electronics.Philia offers a wide range of electrical services that shall enable you to complete your projects in the field of electrical and electronics in a smart and quick way.CAD drawing finds a lot of applications in Electrical Engineering especially in today's world,which is why Philia is standing tall with a no of services on offer.
The following are the electrical services offered by Philia:
1) Electrical Design Services:
Electrical schematic drawings
Redesign Drawings.
Project Reporting.
Smart Panel Layout Drawings
Re use existing drawings.
2) Electrical 2D drafting services:
2d electrical drawings.
3) Electronic Circuit Designing
PCB Designing
PCB Editing.
4) Electronic Circuit Analysing
Design configuration using files.
5) Gerber file creation
Gerber files for PCB.

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